Toolbox for Windows PC

If you want to check which version of the toolbox is installed on your computer, you can do so by looking for the file


If you double-click on this file, a terminal window should appear that tells you the version of your toolbox. (Note that you have to change this link accordingly, if you installed Fortran into a different directory.)

If your toolbox version is older than the actual version or you want to manually install the toolbox on your system, you can download and install the current version of the toolbox from the link below.

Toolbox Installation Package

(.zip-file, 46 KB, version: 1.4, January 06, 2021)

Installation instructions:

(click on the bullet points to get more detailed information)

    1. Unpack the content of the .zip archive. The toolbox installation package contains a file install_toolbox.bat that is designed to manage the installation of the toolbox on Microsoft Windows PCs. In addition, the archive contains the toolbox source code in a file toolbox.f90 as well as the toolbox version file. Note: You will only be able to install the toolbox successfully if you have installed a working Fortran compiler on your system, see the menu item Compiler.
    1. The file install_toolbox.bat is a so-called batch-file, which we use to execute certain installation routines on your computer. You can run this file by double-clicking on it. The installation process requires administrator rights, which you will have to grant by clicking Yes in the dialogue that shows up immediately when you execute the batch-file. Once administrator rights are granted, a console appears and you will be asked to confirm that you want to install the toolbox on your computer. You can do this by typing the letter y and pressing ENTER. We strongly recommend that you use the standard installation directory, which is C:\cygwin. If for some reasons you had to install Fortran to a different directory, you can follow the advice in bullet point 3.

      The installation should complete in a couple of seconds. If you saw no error messages appearing, then the toolbox was successfully installed on your system.

    1. We strongly recommend that you use the standard installation directory, which is C:\cygwin. If for some reasons you are not able to install Fortran to this directory, you can change the installation directory according to the following steps:

      • You have to edit the file install_fortran.bat. To do so, right-click on the file and choose Edit from the drop-down menu that appears.
      • A text editor should appear that shows the content of the batch file. Go to line 14 of the batch file, which reads
        SET "location=C:\cygwin"
      • Now you can change C:\cygwin to the directory you want Fortran to be installed to. For example, if you want Fortran to be located in D:\Fortran\myfortran, you should change line 14 to
        SET "location=D:\Fortran\myfortran"
      • Save the file install_fortran.bat and exit the text editor.
      • Now run install_fortran.bat again. The installation directory should have changed.

You are done! You can take a look at the documentation of the toolbox here.