Source Codes: Book

Here you can find all the programs we use in the book ordered by chapter. Just click on the link behind the respective chapter to download the programs in a .zip archive.

Part I: An Introduction to Fortran 90 and Numerical Methods

  1. Fortran 90: A Simple Programming Language ( download )
  2. Numerical Solution Methods ( download )

Part II: Computational Economics for Beginners

  1. The Static General Equilibrium Model ( download )
  2. Topics in Finance and Risk Management ( download )
  3. The Life Cycle Model and Intertemporal Choice ( download )
  4. The Overlapping Generations Model ( download )
  5. Extending the OLG model ( download )

Part III: Advanced Computational Economics

  1. Introduction to Dynamic Programming ( download )
  2. Dynamic Macro I: Infinite Horizon Models ( download )
  3. Life Cycle Choices and Risk ( download )
  4. Dynamic Macro II: The Stochastic OLG Mode ( download )

You can also download the complete program database at once.

Current version: 1.0 (January 23, 2018)


Our program codes are distributed under the GNU General Public License v3. This essentially means that you are allowed to copy and adapt the source code of this toolbox and use it for your own purposes. When you use code from this toolbox, we suggest you cite it as follows:

  This code was copied and adapted from the source codes accompanying the book
      Fehr, H. & Kindermann, F. (2018). Introduction to Computational Economics using Fortran. 
          Oxford: Oxford University Press.