Installation of Compiler and Toolbox

There are three software components that we suggest to use in order to work with our book and program codes.

  • For compiling Fortran code, the GNU Fortran Compiler gfortran can be obtained free of charge. It is part of the GNU compiler collection gcc, which is an open source compiler project for several programming languages.
  • For drawing graphs within Fortran code, we use the open source software GNUplot.
  • A nice integrated development environment (short IDE) is geany. This IDE allows you to edit, compile and run Fortran code within one program. It is easily adaptable to personal needs and available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Don’t worry. You will not have to find out for yourself how to install all of this on your computer. Instead, we provide installation routines on the following pages, which will install the above components as well as our toolbox on your computer.

Installation Files

Choose your operating system: