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    qiuyu chen


    I am always grateful to your valuable sources.

    But I have got errors during running program 10.1. The operating system is macOS Catalina 10.15.5.
    In line 63, 64 and 71 of program 10.1m, i found error as follow.

    ‘`63 | real*8 :: a(0:NA), aplus(JJ, 0:NA, NP, NS), c(JJ, 0:NA, NP, NS)
    | 1
    Error: Array ‘aplus’ at (1) is larger than limit set by ‘-fmax-stack-var-size=’, moved from stack to static storage. This makes the procedure unsafe when called recursively, or concurrently from multiple threads. Consider using ‘-frecursive’, or increase the ‘-fmax-stack-var-size=’ limit, or change the code to use an ALLOCATABLE array. [-Werror=surprising]`’

    Could anyone help me with that? Any help is appreciated.

    Best regards,


    Fabian Kindermann

    Dear Joey,

    this is interesting, as it seems to refer to the same problem you had during installation.

    Can you give the following approach a try and tell me whether it helps:

    • Open program 10.1 in geany
    • Go to the Build menu and click on Set Build Commands
    • Under “Fortran Commands” and “Compile” you should see a line that starts with mkdir -p Build && gfortran -O3 -Werror...
    • Between -O3 and -Werror add the statement -frecursive. The line should then read mkdir -p Build && gfortran -O3 -frecursive -Werror...
    • Now press OK to leave the menu and try compiling the program again.

    This seems to be a new problem. Might be that this arose with some update of the gfortran compiler.

    Please let me know whether this helped. Then I can adjust the respective installation routines.



    qiuyu chen

    Thank you! It works perfectly now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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