The forums allow users to solve problems they encounter when installing Fortran on their operating system and when running our program codes. You can also leave some feedback or make suggestions regarding our programs. When you want to post in our forums, you will have to create a user account. Users are expected to stick to the forum rules. Otherwise, we reserve the right to delete your account.

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Forum Rules

  • Before creating a new post or question, check whether someone else has asked the same question before. You can use the search function to check whether your problem has been discussed before.
  • All forum contents should be related to our book or to using Fortran programming for economic research. Posts discussion non-related issues will be deleted.
  • Be polite and patient. We do not accept any insults.
  • Help each other. Do not expect that we will be able to answer all questions quickly.
  • If you violate any of the rules regarding contents, the website administration might delete your account.